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Maple League Year End Report (2019-2020)

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Building communities takes time, effort, and a grassroots approach that starts – and ends – with relationships. When COVID-19 forced the shutdown of universities across Canada and around the world, the Maple League did not pivot. To “pivot” is to rapidly change directions. Instead, we sped up, accelerating the design thinking and relationship-building efforts we’ve been working to develop for years. The collective response to the global pandemic between and amongst the four Maple League universities answers the guiding question that animates this consortium, which is “what can we do together that we cannot do on our own?” We invite you to review the Maple League year end report (2019 – 2020) for a year in review but also as a roadmap for hopeful futures where we can be better – more inclusive, equitable, and just – together.

— Dr. Jessica Riddell, Executive Director, Maple League of Universities

Maple League Year End Report 2019-2020
Download PDF • 11.69MB

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