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Better Together

Better Together is an online lecture & panel series presented by the Maple League and open to everyone. Through Better Together we imagine the future of post-secondary education and try to map out our next steps on the journey toward getting there.


Communicating to Connect: 
The Power of Mentorship in the Learning Process

With Dr. Jonathan Hood

Wednesday, October 11th

11am (ET) / 12pm (AT)



Fall 2023 Speakers and Dates

  • Dr. Shoshannah Bryn Jones Square and Student Guests (Bishops)

  • Dr. Mo Snyder (Acadia)

  • Dr. Jonathan Hood (St. FX)

  • Danielle Pierce with Hélène d’Entremont, Jennifer Kershaw, Toni Roberts and Dr. Donna Seamone (Acadia, Mount A.)

  • Sacha DeWolfe (Mount A.)

Maple League Hosts presents:

  • Lucy Gómez Vergara (Museo del Oro Zenú, Cartagena, Colombia)

  • Dr. Jason Laurendeau (University of Lethbridge)

September 13

September 27

October 11

October 25


November 08


November 22


December 7



How to go to the bathroom outside, why it is and isn’t a big deal, and what we can all do to make it more accessible!

With Dr. Mo Snyder

Wednesday, September 27th

11am (ET) / 12pm (AT)

The Magic of Interconnection: Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching and Learning

With Dr. Shoshannah Bryn Jones Square and Student Guests

Wednesday, September 13th

11am (ET) / 12pm (AT)


Through Better Together, we reach out to individuals from across the Maple League who have exciting practices to share about their teaching and/or research. In hour-long online sessions, these individuals share a bit about their subject and then we have a lively Q&A. 

Maple League Hosts are special Better Together sessions where we bring in luminary thinkers, leaders, and educators from outside the Maple League to ignite new conversations and bring new ideas to our campus. 

Better Together runs three seasons a year: Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer. Sessions are hosted online every-other week. Sessions are promoted through campus listservs and on our social media channels.

Better Together sessions are also recorded! If you'd like to check out some of our past sessions, you can do so on our YouTube page

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