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The Maple League Micro-Certificate in Teaching and Learning offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your own teaching practices, while building a support network of engaged, innovative educators and getting personalized mentorship.



Piloted in the 21/22 year, the Maple League Micro-Certificate in Teaching and Learning is a nine-month program for faculty at all stages of their careers. Join an intimate cohort of passionate educators from across the Maple League  to build an innovative, reflective pedagogical practice. Available to full-time and part-time faculty and staff on any Maple League Campus. Registration is limited to four individuals from each of the four Maple League Universities.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the  program, participants will develop their ability to:


  • Embrace all ways of knowing and decenter eurocentric models which have dominated scholarship, teaching, and learning. 

  • Critically assess teaching theories and models in order to find the ones which are best suited to their own teaching style, while serving all students well. 

  • Build a community of practice in which they can exchange with, and learn from, peers from across disciplines – while also learning to create new communities of practice within their own circles.   

  • Appraise and critique their own thinking and practices around the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and construct systems to help them maintain a critical lens across their teaching.  

  • Develop their pedagogical toolbelt, with a wealth of tools and strategies to deploy depending on the individual needs that arise moment-to-moment.



What you’ll do

The Maple League Micro-Certificate in Teaching and Learning is centred on critical reflection and community engagement. About once per month, participants will attend an online lectures, roundtable, or meetings, and write a reflection which they will share with their colleagues in the program. You will also meet regularly with a mentor from the Maple League Teaching and Learning Committee, and take part in a week-long in-person retreat. Finally, participants will also take on a Capstone Project which they will work on throughout the year.


Critical Reflection

Micro-Certificate participants will engage with, and reflect on lectures and workshops through the Better Together series, and take part in one of several Maple League Book Clubs offered throughout the year. Sharing these reflections with mentors and with one-another, is one of the key ways participants will deepen their understanding of their teaching practice.


Participants will be paired with a mentor from the Maple League Teaching and Learning Committee, with whom they'll meet regularly. Alongside this, participants will engage in co-mentorship with one another. We all benefit when we share our expertise and experience.



Throughout the year, participants will have the chance to meet during (optional) regular ateliers where they can connect and share their struggles and successes. In late-May or early-June participants will gather for a week-long retreat with dedicated community time for learning, reflection, and creation.


Over the course of the year, participants will identify a capstone project which they will work toward with support and accountability from their mentor and their peers. Whether it's re-working your teaching dossier, writing a SoTL article for publication, or developing a new course, this is an opportunity to carve out time to tackle that project  that you keep pushing to the back burner.


Application for the 2023-2024 Maple League Micro-Certificate in Teaching and Learning is now closed 

Four spots will be available for faculty in each of the Maple League Schools to join the 2024/2025 cohort of the Maple League Micro Certificate in Teaching and Learning in the fall of 2024.

If you have any questions about the program at any time, please email Juan Carlos López at


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