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The Maple League provides our students with even better chances for resilience, engagement, and success thanks to collaborative and innovative opportunities offered through this consortium.


What are Maple League Courses? ​

Each year, our host universities offer Maple League Courses, with online availability, for Maple League students to register and attend.

Why take a Maple League Course?

If you are Maple League student and wish to take a course at another Maple League University, there are plenty of benefits:

  • A common Maple League Letter of Permission form for students to use.

  • No additional fees for Fall / Winter courses (you pay tuition only to your home institution).

  • Access to a wide range of courses in the spring and summer (Please note you do pay tuition fees to the host institution in the spring and summer).

  • Study with new friends and faculty from across the league.

Maple League Courses for Spring/Summer 2024

​Check out the 2024 Spring/Summer courses offered by our Maple League institutions below:

If you are faculty member wishing to offer a seat in your online accessible classroom please contact the Maple League to join the list.

How to register for Maple League Courses

  • Maple League Courses are taken by ML students as Visiting students under a Maple League letter of permission process. The following form must be completed by the student and sent to their home institution for approval and processing.

  • Students must receive approval from their home institution in order to use the course to satisfy degree requirements. Do not assume that the course can be substituted. Check first!

  • For Fall and Winter Courses, tuition for Maple League Courses is paid to your home institution. For full time students in good standing there are no additional fees required.

  • For Spring and Summer Courses, fees are paid to the host institution, additional fees will be required.

Once you have downloaded the visiting student application form, you may print and fill out the form by hand or complete it electronically as a fillable PDF. (We recommend adding your name to the file name when you save the file as: “[LastName], [FirstName] Maple League Visiting Student Application”


Submit the form by email to your home university’s Registrar’s Office. Your home university is the university where you are normally enrolled in an academic program.


Registrar’s Offices:


Your home university’s Registrar will coordinate submission of the form to the host university (the university offering the course). Tuition will be payable to the home university once your registration is confirmed.


Your academic advisor or program/department chair can answer questions about how your chosen course(s) will fit with your specific program and academic profile.

With respect to grades, for courses taken in the Fall and Winter semesters, the grades are sent directly to the Registrar at the appropriate institution for processing.  For spring and summer courses, students are responsible for having an official transcript sent to their home institution.


 If you have any other questions, please contact your home and host registrar. 

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