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The Maple League is a belief that together we are better when we collaborate on high-quality undergraduate education. The consortium, therefore, is a vision, which is critically hopeful and disruptive to long-standing attitudes of competition that pit universities against one another.


One of our metrics of success is the ability to secure external funding for various projects and initiatives across departments and sectors.

The Maple League is committed to accountability and transparency in all aspects of the inter-institutional collaboration, and reports activity monthly, quarterly, and annually. As we grow our brand recognition and reputation as leaders in quality education, a strategic framework for funding has emerged. Below are the various categories and successfully funded projects.​

Maple League Direct External Funding

This category of funding includes funding from foundations for operations (we received a start-up grant from McConnell 2015 - 2018) as well as funding from foundations for specific projects. The Maple League reports monthly to BHER and the VP Academics on funding envelopes for OLTC and the MLTLC. Furthermore, the funding for employing students and other consultants goes through this account, with consulting contracts signed by a representative of the VPs Academic Council or the Maple League Presidents Council and the Executive Director. 

  • The Maple League received $100,000 from McConnell for a Virtual Maple League Teaching Learning Centre (June 1, 2020 - May 1, 2021). 

  • The consortium also secured funding from Business-Higher Education Round Table (BHER) $170,000 to support the OLTC expansion project (March 30, 2020 - April 1, 2021). 

BHER + ML = OLTC.png

Maple League Supported External Funding

This model of funding goes directly to the university as is administered through institutions like research and other funding; project leads are responsible for reporting. 

  • CEWIL funding: several projects were supported by the Maple League but submitted by faculty and staff who have their own accounts and reporting.

  • Universities Canada: The International Offices collaborated on a Universities Canada grant totalling $800,000. This is a collaborative grant that came out of the community of practice led by Larissa Strong at StFX and will be administered by the project leads.

  • Canada Summer Jobs: three of the four schools received CSJ funding for student OLTCs this summer, working with the IT departments on employment. These contracts are now ending.

Nation to Nation.png

Maple League Indirect External Funding

Money goes directly from one funder to the partner organization.

  • The Maple League has been given access to RIIPEN, an experiential learning platform and North America’s largest platform for connecting universities, students, and partner organizations. While the annual institutional membership fees are $20,000, RIIPEN and RBC created a joint agreement to fund all four Maple League universities for the past three years. The Maple League has benefitted from $240,000 worth of access to this platform, which has been funded by RBC Future Launch.

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