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Maple League Communities of Practice Spotlight – Athletic Directors

At the heart of the Maple League is a willingness to think differently to deliver a 21st century liberal education. Especially in these times of COVID, the Maple League consortium is a daring experiment in collaboration and can act as a beacon as we navigate unchartered territories. We are delighted to share a spotlight series on Communities of Practice to highlight the different ways in which our communities answer our guiding questions “what can we do together that we cannot do on our own” and “how does working together enhance what we do do on our own?” . This series makes visible how our communities are coming together to deliver a more hopeful, inclusive, and equitable undergraduate education.


– Collaborating on a data-sharing initiative for student athlete success

– Visioning a Maple League student athlete profile

– Exploring how working together enhances student athletes’ experience both on and off the playing field to ensure their success

– Enhancing eco-systems of support in athletic departments to build resilience

– Coordinating Sports Information teams on shared communications projects and platforms

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