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High Impact Practices Visibility Project

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

By Tiffany MacLennan, Maple League Research Fellow and Strategist and Tanisha Campbell, Maple League Student Fellow, Knowledge Mobilization & Community Engagement

As four primarily undergraduate liberal arts institutions, teaching across the Maple League is one of our greatest strengths. Through our four small communities, we are big in delivering extraordinary undergraduate student experiences.

This sentiment was only reinforced when Tiffany MacLennan and Tanisha Campbell began a research project on High Impact Practices at the Maple League, interviewing dozens of faculty members to give their perspectives on innovative teaching experiences. Through these conversations, Tiffany and Tanisha heard exciting and inspiring stories of teaching HIPs at the Maple League – stories that should be shared and celebrated.

The High-Impact Practice Visibility Project was created to share what teaching at the Maple League looks like to celebrate and mobilize our teaching practices and inspire others to integrate HIPs into their classrooms.

[1] The HIP Visibility Project is a part of a larger HIP project conducted by Research Fellow and Strategist Tiffany MacLennan. The goal of the HIP project is to make HIPs more accessible for both faculty and students. For more information about the HIP project, please contact Tiffany at

HIP Visibility Report - compressed
Download PDF • 3.63MB

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