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Four small universities in Eastern Canada rebrand as the “Maple League”

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

After three years of quietly developing a model for collaboration in the classroom and on the recruiting trail, the presidents of four small, rural eastern Canadian universities have rebranded their efforts into what they are calling the “Maple League.”

First coming together in 2013 under the less catchy banner of the “U4,” Acadia, Bishop’s, Mount Allison and St. Francis Xavier universities are now touting their pastoral, “small by design” campuses more loudly as an alternative to the larger, urbanized university experience many Canadians are familiar with.

The new name is “a little bit of a nod at the Ivy League,” acknowledged Michael Goldbloom, president of Bishop’s in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. “We’re not claiming that we’re Harvard or Princeton or Yale. But we do think that we share that same aspiration for excellence.”

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