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Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for steering the various initiatives amongst Maple League schools related to teaching, research, educational leadership, and student recruitment with a particular focus on enhancing the academic reputation of the four universities.

A middle-aged white woman in a black top and turquoise necklace sits in front of shaded trees.
Dr. Jessica Riddell

Executive Director of the Maple League of Universities

Dr. Riddell works closely with the four university presidents to set the Maple League strategy and objectives, and facilitates a number of committees and working groups to implement the Maple League Five-Year Strategic Plan.

She oversees the process of major communications, identifies external funding opportunities, allocates budgets to operating committees, supports logistics and planning for Maple League events, supports research collaborations amongst faculty and administrative leaders, and leads the Maple League Teaching and Learning Centre to support excellence in undergraduate teaching across the four universities.

When appropriate, Dr. Riddell engages in public-facing activities and projects (e.g. OpEds, public scholarship, keynote speaking events, etc.) in order to advocate for more equitable funding for primarily undergraduate universities.

Our Team.

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Operations Team

The operations team is made up of consultants who lead various portfolios and are compensated through external funding and/or from the operating budget.

Maple League Strategy & Advancement Lead

The Maple League Strategy and Advancement Lead works closely with the Executive Director and is called upon to support the running of the consortium, assist in advancing Maple League academic activities, promote and maintain member-institution cooperation, and monitor the Maple League 5-year strategic plan. 

Headshot of Lauren Boultbee on Bishop's campus during the Winter
Lauren Boultbee

Strategy & Advancement Lead

Lauren has a strong understanding of the values defining the consortium and the capacity to identify and execute successful partnerships with strategic allies. As an active member of the Maple League strategic planning team, Lauren uses her networking skills and research capabilities, as well as user-research reporting skills, to effectively communicate the current and future goals to all stakeholders, therefore ensuring further growth of the Maple League.

As a strong brand ambassador, Lauren is responsible for supporting Maple League communications. Lauren’s role includes managing Maple League administration and logistics as well as compiling quarterly/yearly reports, and tracking and reconciling Maple League financial data.

Maple League Faculty Excellence Developer

The Faculty Excellence Developer creates spaces and opportunities for the coming together of all members of the university community, faculty, staff, students, and administration—all with the aim of empowering and engaging faculty on the path toward better teaching, better research, and a more balanced and fulfilling career. 

Neil Silcox

Faculty Excellence Developer​

The Faculty Excellence Developer curates, creates, and facilitates opportunities for connection within and across university campuses – bringing together faculty, staff, and students with the aim of improving teaching & learning, research, and professional development at all levels.


Neil works to promote voices from within the Maple League to a national and international stage, and to establish the Maple League as a leader in innovative post-secondary education.

Headshot of Neil Silcox​.


3 Committies

Maple League Academic Committee

Chair - Mark Adam (Acadia)

Members - Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brûlé (Bishop’s), Dawn Wiseman (Bishop’s), Chris Forstall (Mt. A), Mark Hamilton (Mt. A), Donna Trembinski (StFX), James Hughes (StFX), Dave Risk (StFX)

Screenshot of Maple League Academic Committee meeting over Microsoft Teams.

Maple League Research Committee

Chair - Dr. Anna Redden (Acadia)

​​Members - Peter Ludlow (Acadia), Amy Svotelis (Bishop’s), Jason Rowe (Bishop’s), Glen Briand (Mt. A), Maria Thistle (Mt. A), Richard Isnor (StFX), David Bruce (StFX)

Screenshot of the Maple League Research Committee meeting over Microsoft Teams.

Maple League Teaching and Learning Committee

Co-Chairs - Dr. Erin Austen (StFX), Toni Roberts (Mt. A)

Members - Laura Robinson (Acadia), Jamie Sedgewick (Acadia), Jason Vieteri (Bishop’s), Toni Roberts (Mt. A), Elizabeth Wells (Mt. A), Jack Rice (StFX), Erin Austen (StFX)

Screenshot of the Maple LEague Teaching and LEarning COmmittee meeting over Microsoft Teams.


Communities of Practice

Athletic Directors

Brian Finnis (Acadia), Matt McBrine (Bishop’s), Pierre A (Mt. A), Leo McPherson (StFX)

5 pale skinned people with long hair wearing red jerseys laughing in a huddle on a soccer field.
Pond with tall grass and a wooden pathway overlooking a white building and a steeple.

EDI Staff

Polly Leonard - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer (Acadia), Zabrina Whitman - Coordinator of Indigenous Affairs (Acadia), Dominique Pelletier - Sexual Agression Response Coordinator (Bishop’s), Vicki Boldo - Special Advisor Indigenous Student Support (Bishop’s), Shawna Chatterton Jerome - Indigenous Student Support Assistant (Bishop’s), Jesse Dymond (Bishop’s), Ivan Okello - Black Students Advisor and Diversity Educator (Mt. A), Adam Christie - Director of Student Life and International Affairs (Mt. A), Patty Musgrave Quinn - Indigenous Affairs Coordinator (Mt. A), Tara Reddick - Black Students Advisor (StFX), Aimee MacDonald - Gender and Sexual Diversity Advisor (StFX), Terena Francis - Indigenous Student Advisor (StFX), Megan Fogarty - Manager, Human Rights & Equity (StFX)

Committee Chairs

Anna Redden Chair of the Maple League Research Committee (Acadia), Mark Adam Chair of the Maple League Academic Committee (Acadia), Erin Austen Co-Chair of the Maple League Teaching and Learning Committee (StFX), Toni Roberts Co-Chair of the MLTLC (Mt. A)

person with pink shirt sitting in an old library with books, paper, pens and a tablet at the table.
Person standing in front of bright window holding a book near their face and smiling.

Communications Directors

Sherri Turner (Acadia), Olivier Bouffard (Bishop’s), Robert Hiscock (Mt. A), Kyler Bell (StFX)

VPs Student Affairs

James Sanford (Acadia), Scott Dugay (Acadia), Stine-Linden Anderson (Bishop’s), Anne Comfort (Mt. A),  Elizabeth Yeo (StFX)

Knees and down of a person wearing red shoes and riding a unicycle on a path.
Pale skinned hand wiht bracelets pointing to eastern Canada on a globe.

International Representatives

Michael Holmes (Acadia), Annick Corbeil (Bishop’s), Robin Walker (Mt. A), Larissa Strong (StFX)

Alumni Officers

Oonagh Proudfoot (Acadia), Robert Burns (Bishop’s), Sterling Mawhinney (Bishop’s), Carolle de Ste Croix (Mt. A), Eric Donovan (Mt. A), Shanna Hopkins (StFX), Madeline Horne (StFX)

Person riding old-fashioned bike in front of large campus building.
Arm holding a book to the chest of a metal statue.

Presidents Council

Peter Ricketts President of Acadia University and Chair of the Maple League Presidents’ Council, Michael Goldbloom President of Bishop’s University, Jean-Paul Boudreau President of Mount Allison, Andrew Hakin President of StFX University


Mark Bishop (Acadia), Hans Rouleau (Bishop’s), Christiane Major (Mt. A), Tara Buksaitis (StFX)

Person texting while sitting on the steps of an old brick building.
Person in a red apron holding an old camera with a table of other cameras and a plant.

IT Directors

Gary Doucette (Acadia), Scott Stoddard (Bishop’s), Mark Caduc (Bishop’s), John Gillis (Mt. A), John DeLorey (StFX)

VPs Academic

Dale Keefe (Acadia), Miles Turnbull (Bishop’s), Jeff Hennesy (Mt. A), Tim Hynes (StFX)

Library with people studying at tables and a person walking by holding books.
Octopus in a clear jar with blurry person in a lab coat in the background.

Academic Deans

Laura Robinson - Dean of Arts (Acadia), Suzie Currie - Dean of Science (Acadia), Corinne Haigh - Dean of Professional Studies (Acadia), Anna Robbins - Dean of Theology (Acadia), Reena    Atanasiadis Dean of the Williams School of Business (Bishop’s), Michelle Murray - Dean of Arts (Bishop’s), Kerry Hull - Dean of Science (Bishop’s), Anthony Di Mascio - Interim Dean of the School of Education (Bishop’s), Vicki St. Pierre - Dean of Arts (Mt. A), Jennifer Tomes - Interim Dean of Science (Mt. A), Nauman Farooqi - Dean of Social Science and Business (Mt. A), Lace Marie Brogden - Dean of Education (StFX), Bobbi Morrison - Dean of Business (StFX), Joe Apaloo - Interim Dean of Science (StFX), Karen Brebner - Dean of Arts (StFX)

Union Presidents

Andrew Biro (Acadia), Mark Labenski (Bishop’s), Heather Lawford (Bishop’s), Erin Steuter (Mt. A), Martin Van Bommel (StFX)

People walking on path in front of a brick building and behind a large tree.
Person in gymnasium shooting a basketball at the hoop.

Sports Information Services

Eric Cederberg (Acadia), Martin Rourke (Bishop’s), Melissa Lombard (Mt. A), Krista McKenna (StFX)

Recruitment Directors

Liam Dutton (Acadia), Dan Seneker (Bishop’s), Kutay Ulker (Mt. A), Brain Scriver (StFX)

Pond with tall grass and a wooden pathway overlooking a white building and a steeple.
Dark Skinned person carrying a large pile of books through a lirbary aisle.

University Librarians

Heather Saunders (Acadia), Catherine Lavallee-Welch (Bishop’s), Laura Landon (Mt. A Sandy Iverson (StFX)

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