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Throughout the Spring & Summer, Maple League Universities offer a wide range of incredible courses. Check them out below!


Exciting Opportunities for the Spring & Summer Terms


Maple League Universities offer a wide range of courses in the Spring & Summer terms, whether you want to get ahead on your degree, catch up if you've fallen behind, or you're interested in a unique, off-campus learning opportunity.

Courses offered in the Spring & Summer function differently than the Maple League Shared Courses which occur during the Fall and Winter terms. Spring & Summer students will connect with courses through the standard Letter of Permission (LOP) system, which is outlined below. Students will be responsible for paying tuition to the Host University (i.e. the University which is offering the course). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike Maple League Shared Courses in the Fall & Winter, Spring & Summer courses may be offered in-person, as well as online or in hybrid format. If you are unable to travel to the campus (or to the off-campus location of the class), please ensure you don't register for courses being delivered exclusively in person.


Step 1 - Find a Great Course

Decide on which courses you're interested in!

Several faculty from across the Maple League have asked us to highlight the great courses they're offering this summer, and we've created a digital booklet you can download by clicking here

You can view a full list of courses available on each campus with the following links:

Step 2 - Fill out an Letter of Permission


Fill out a Letter of Permission (LOP) form at your Home institution, you can find the forms with the following links​​


Please Note: you will need a separate Letter of Permission form for each institution where you want to take courses. So, if you want to take a course at X University and another course at Y University, you'll need to fill out two copies of the form. However, if you want to take two courses at Y University, you simply fill out one form with both courses listed.

Step 3 - Ensure the courses work for your degree


Consult with your Department Chair/Dean/Registrar to ensure that the credits will count toward your degree or graduation, and have them sign off on your Letter of Permission

Step 4 - Send the forms to the proper Registrars

Email your completed Letter of Permission to the Registrar at your university as well as the university at which you will be taking the course(s).

Step 5 - (Once you've completed your course) Request a transcript be sent to your Home University


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