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TEDx Talks at Maple League Up for Debate Weekend

On the weekend of October 25-27th, students and faculty from the Maple League of Universities took to the stage in Bishop’s University’s Bandeen Hall to deliver a series of inspiring and engaging TEDx talks on the theme of ‘The Maple League equips us to navigate uncertain times’. We invite you to watch our peers and colleagues in action – simply click the image to view each talk.

Reena Atanasiadis, Dean of the Williams School of Business, Bishop’s University

“Wired to Ignore”

Professor Michael Kennedy, Acadia University

“Accounting for Change”

Lara Hartman, Student at Acadia University

“Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples: Deconstructing Structural Violence”

Noah Lubendo, Student at Mount Allison University

“Neocolonialism and Diversity: Decolonizing Inclusion in Canada”

Dr. Karen Blair, St. Francis Xavier University

“Holocaust Education Provides the Road Map We Need for Uncertain Times”

Emma Kuzmyk, Student at St. Francis Xavier University

“The Accidental Activist: Learning to Stand Up and Stand Together”

Dr. Andrew Nurse, Mount Allison University

“Things I never thought I would have to say; Or, why education is good for you”

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