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Maple League Communities of Practice Spotlight – Experiential Learning and Social Innovation

At the heart of the Maple League is a willingness to think differently to deliver a 21st century liberal education. Especially in these times of COVID, the Maple League consortium is a daring experiment in collaboration and can act as a beacon as we navigate unchartered territories. We are delighted to share a spotlight series on Communities of Practice to highlight the different ways in which our communities answer our guiding questions “what can we do together that we cannot do on our own” and “how does working together enhance what we do do on our own?” . This series makes visible how our communities are coming together to deliver a more hopeful, inclusive, and equitable undergraduate education.


– The Maple League secured $80,000 with of funding for RIIPEN, a work-integrated and experiential learning platform

– A team of faculty, staff, and directors of entrepreneurship centres are collaborating on a hybrid (virtual/physical) social purpose incubator that enables teams of students to ideate, build and launch businesses with the potential to create social, environmental, and economic value.

– Annual events, such as case competitions, simulations, speakers series (through Up for Debate, Model UN, and other student-focussed initiatives) provide students and faculty with tremendous opportunities to collaborate and co-design experiential learning opportunities

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