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By fostering reciprocal relationships across institutional boundaries, we provide extraordinary opportunities to transform as learners, scholars, and institutions.


Jack Rice, Executive Director

The Governing Board of the Maple League of

Universities has appointed Jack Rice as it's

Executive Director for a Three-Year Term starting

on July 1, 2023.

Jack will succeed Dr. Jessica Riddell who served as

the Executive Director since 2018.

Jack Rice is a career educator and academic

leader; he currently serves as the Director, Centre

for Online Learning, Graduate & Professional

Studies at St. Francis Xavier University. Previously,

he was a Dean at Elizabethtown College and a

Director in the School of Education at Loyola

University Maryland.

"It is an honour to represent the schools of the

Maple League and I look forward to working with

the community to make us, even better, together.

We have a powerful story to tell about the value of

connection and scholarship as we inspire young

people to create an exciting and inclusive future."

Jack Podium.jpg

Dr. Juan Carlos López, Director of Maple League Teaching & Learning Centre

Dr. Juan Carlos López has been named the

inaugural Director of the Maple League Teaching

and Learning Centre. The Centre has grown to

become a vital hub for knowledge mobilization in

the Teaching and Learning space across Canada.

A faculty member at Acadia University, Juan

Carlos is a soil microbial ecologist who has worked

and trained in Europe, North and South America.

With students as leaders and collaborators, Juan

Carlos has created and modelled high impact

practices for student success centred around

mental health, as well as decolonization and

reconciliation initiatives that have impacted the

way we think, talk and learn about Mi'kmaw

knowledge in our institutions and beyond.

"The Maple League is equivalent to having the

opportunity to go to your favourite teaching

conference...but having the opportunity to do so

year-round! A guiding principle present across our

four institutions is forming and nurturing deep

connections with our students and communities. I

am convinced that, in the same way that the

forest plants I study connect via the presumably

'unseen' allies that run throughout the forest floor

to make the entire system stronger and more

resilient, so everyone in our universities can be

stronger and more resilient when we build deeper

connections between one another."

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